Realising the Value

Today I’m at the event to share the learning from the Realising the Value programme. The report identifies 10 key actions to put people and communities at the heart of health and wellbeing:  



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  1. Barry Haslam says:

    Since 1989 Oldham Tranx has supported prescribed benzodiazepine drug dependent patients in Oldham. Alongside a dedicated Benzodiazepine Prescribed Drug Withdrawal Service since 2004 kindly funded by the NHS via Oldham CCG. Oldham Tranx is run purely by volunteers .

    This set up is unique in the United Kingdom and with an estimated 1 million long term patients dependent on benzodiazepine drugs ( tranquillisers) in England alone, and with no official government recognition, the situation is dire and has been described as a public health disaster.

    The BMA have recently written to Government on the issues involved, and have asked for a meeting and possible future funding to achieve their set goals.

    But the initial push for change and well being, has come from individuals and charities with acquired experience of prescribed benzodiazepine drug dependence, whilst Government and the Department of Health have walked away from their accountability and responsibilities to it’s citizens and have done so for decades.

    We need a seismic social change in this country and ordinary people’s concerns need to be listened to and acted upon by national Government.

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  2. careybamberlivecom says:

    There was a lot of talk today Barry, about at which point do we have enough evidence and information and knowledge to well and truly make happen what needs to happen. We just need to get on and make it happen!


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