Winner takes all

The soup movement emerged in Detroit in 2010 as the city went bust. Since then, this simple crowd funding model has gone global, and Soup events have been taking place around Greater Manchester over the past 18 months.

The premise of a soup event is that people come together, share a meal of soup, donating their “entrance fee” into a pot, and hear about small local projects that people want funding for. Each presentation is short, and people an ask a few questions. Participants then vote for their favourite project, and the winner takes all. The report below recounts the recent Marple soup, led by Marple People:

A warm welcome was extended to all those who came together for a ‘Crowd Funding’ event to showcase their projects. Five Community Groups were in competition to be voted the winner and to take the proceeds from the evening to assist with their projects. The Marple People contest took place at All Saints Church, Marple and those attending paid £5 and were treated to a light supper with a live band playing lively music. The evening was hosted by Jill Taylor, who said, “It is all about being part of a community and working together”. Lisa Smart from the Liberal Democrats was present, together with around 50 people enjoying the event.

The evening started with a presentation from the ‘Community Orchard Project’. Their bid was for funding for a wooden bench and table at the site of the orchard. The community has been given the opportunity to sponsor a tree to commemorate something important in their life. For £25 an apple, cherry, pear, plum or nut tree will be planted on their behalf and this will become a site for schoolchildren to look and learn and also there will be fruit picking days for the community. A wooden bench and table would add focus and be a nice place to gaze and rest.

The second presentation was from One Good Turn, Marple Time Bank. Their bid was for garden tools, seeds and seed boxes to get the project up and running. The aim of One Good Turn is, “Bringing the community together and having fun and connecting together over an activity”. They have a community garden where fruit and vegetables grow, people will be asked to help and enjoy the produce.

The next presentation was from New Horizons. They require a replacement lift to enable people with disabilities to get in and out of the boat. The cost and installation of the replacement lift is fifteen thousand pounds. New Horizons, is a charity which provides the canal boat for use on a daily basis, to people with disabilities, to have an enjoyable sailing experience.

Marple Skate Park Development Project was the next bid. This community group have been working hard to improve the facility for all users in the Marple Memorial Park. Fundraising started in 2013 and what a hard working group they are, having raised £42,000 and now just need a final push to raise the last £7,000. The Skate Park is seen as a vital community project which provides a place for youngsters to meet, develop their skills, express themselves and socialise.
Last, but not least, the final presentation was from Friends of Rose Hill
Station, who placed a bid for funding for a mural to be positioned at the station. Their idea is to ask children who have special needs to design and make the parts which will be arranged into a mural and mounted for all who use the station to see and enjoy.
Voting took place and the declared winner was Marple Skate Park. They were presented with £250 the takings from the night.

All agreed that, “Everyone was a winner”. Thanks were made to the members of Marple People for such a successful community event. So much going on in Marple and each project making Marple a better place for us all to live.
For more information about future events see


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