Catalyst Grants

In 2016 we  launched a fund to support inspiring ideas for tackling loneliness and social isolation amongst all age groups of the population. Projects were delivered in one or more or the three boroughs of Stockport, Tameside and Oldham.

The criteria was for:

  • Projects that resulted in people feeling a greater sense of control and ownership over their situation.
  • Projects that resulted in people feeling a real sense of influence over the health system.
  • Projects that resulted in more people using alternatives to formal/clinical NHS services.
  • Projects that resulted in groups and communities of people becoming more active in speaking up for change
  • New projects that had not been tried out before.
  • Ideas that came from communities and brought communities together, building on local strengths
  • Ideas that inspired others to get involved and take action

Projects agreed to share their idea and successes with other people/groups including via contribution/s (photos, writing, recordings etc.) to websites and social media (eg Facebook, Twitter etc.)

We made a short film of the Place of Welcome at St John The Evangelist in Hurt, Tameside as an example of a project funded by the programme.